North Balwyn Tennis Club has four en-tout-cas courts and four courts with synthetic Polyclay.

Address: 57A Buchanan Avenue, North Balwyn, Victoria 3104
                 Melway Map 46 D4    Google map     Membership:
Telephone: Clubhouse has no phone. For Coaching and Junior competition enquires see coaches below.
 Graham Besley 9859 5777
Secretary: Tony Barton 0422 887 993
Treasurer: Rowena Sheung
Membership Secretary:
Peter McCaw 9817 2940
Maintenance: Graham Besley 9859 5777
Next Committee Meeting: 7:30 pm Wed June 14th 2017
Coaches and Junior Organisers:
Andrew Halford  0412 021911
  Stuart Brown  0412 966 336 
Coach's web site:

Pennant: Andrew Halford 0412021911.
Juniors: Sat and Sun morning ERT: Stuart Brown 0412966336 Andrew Halford 0412021911
Senior Competition: Saturday afternoon ERT: Peter McCaw  9817 2940
Night Tennis: Blackburn & District Night Tennis Assoc  Mon-Thur 7pm. Rhonda McCaw 9817 2940 
Midweek Tennis 
Mon, Tues/Thurs (Social) - Albert Au
Tues MEMRLTA - Rowena Sheung
Wed EDWTA - Norma Ross
Thurs WDTA - Jane Cash      Thur Men's Veterans MMTA - Peter Moran