Club Championships

So far, all events (except the Open Mixed Doubles) have been completed through to the end of the round robin stage.  The round robin stage of the Open Mixed Doubles will NOT proceed on Saturday 21 March. It and the Grand Final Day of the Club Championships, originally scheduled for Sunday 22 March will be postponed until further notice.  The committee aims to make this day a major club event involving all the finalists, lots of spectators, presentations, a raffle, and plenty of free food and drink. Under the current suggested COVID-19 guidelines, events such as this are discouraged, hence the NBTC committee will postpone this event until the COVID-19 situation eases

2019 Championships was cancelled due to low entries

Club Championships 2018 Tennis Australia Tournament

Club Championships 2017 Tennis Australia Tournament

Club Championships 2016: Tennis Australia Tournament

Club Championships 2015 Tennis Australia Tournament
Club Champions 2015 - images

Club Championships 2014 Tennis Australia Tournament
Club Championships 2014 Pictures of our 2014 champions
Club Championships 2013 Sun 24th March Tennis Australia
Club Championships 2012
Club Championships 2011
Club Championships 2010
Club Championships 2009
Club Championships 2008

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