ERT and Pennant has no play on weekend 9-10 June

Blackburn and District Night Tennis season is at the finals. Of our 13 teams 6 made it to the finals. Monday OS3 Hydra lost to Glenburn in the semi-final. Tue OS5 Slammers lost their semi-final to Canterbury. Tue OS7 Rattlers defeated Blackburn in the semi-final and defeated East Malvern in the final on June 5. Wed OS4 Dragons won over Racketeers in a delayed semi-final on June 6 and so are in the grand final. Thur SD3 Flotsam lost their semi-final to E Camberwell.

Thursday afternoon Metro Masters Autumn season has come to an end. Of our five sections two made it to the finals. Veneto Section 2 won their semi-final comfortably 5-1 against E Croydon, but lost the Preliminary final 0-4 against Royal Park. Section 6 won their semi-final against Koonung Park, and won the Grand Final on 31st May played at North Ringwood TC against St Johns. The Spring season commences early August, with team entries due the end of June.

MMTA Section 6 with their shield after their win at North Ringwood. L to R Tony Barton,
Cees van Oost, Tony Gallichio, Paul Bisiani and Preston Berryman

Club Championships 2018 March 25. Results at Tennis Australia Tournament page

ERT grand finals of previous season were played Saturday (24th March): Saturday morning ERT Juniors Sat Rubbers 20 won their grand final and Sat Rubbers 12 and 18 went down in theirs. Saturday afternoon Senior OS6 and OS10 won their grand finals while SD3 at Warrandyte lost a delayed grand final.

Eastern Region Saturday open Section 10 won the flag. L to R: Carole Snowsill,
Rowan Ashworth, Catherine Lawton, Andrew Tregear, Lachlan McDonald, Brett Fuller

Finals for MEMRLTA
Both MEMRLTA teams lost their grand final on Tuesday 20th March at Heatherdale, Section 3 43-26 to Eley Park and Section 9 48-25 to Deepdene.
Section 3 were runners up in the final. L to R: Sarah Shan, Yana Barton,
Chris Turnbull, Penny Graham, Rhonda McCaw

Thefts from Clubhouse: . Please keep the front gate locked except during coaching and the start of competition and warn visiting players that belongings left in the clubhouse are not secure. Unfortunately this means having to take everything out on to the courtside to keep an eye on it. Please challenge and report anyone that does not look like a member or visiting player.

Membership enquiries: email Peter McCaw on northbalwyntc@yahoo.com.au.

We have a Defibrillator: Thanks to our Committee member Don Jinnette and sponsors Rotary Club of Balwyn and the City of Boroondara. We will run training sessions some time soon. In the meantime treat the following as a general guide only:

Your Committee for 2018 is

Member Protection Policy
As an affiliated member of Tennis Australia we adhere to a code of conduct contained in the policy document known as Member Protection Policy found at
Attachment A of this document is Tennis Australia General Code of Conduct. It has 14 points, the first "Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others". Section 8 of the Policy deals with Harassment, Abuse and Discrimination. As a member of the Club you should be aware of and abide by these rules. While the Member Protection Policy has particular emphasis on children we as a Club must adopt a policy as required under the Victorian Child Safety Standards. As a community sports club we adhere to the Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport http://sport.vic.gov.au/integrity-in-sport/victorian-code-of-conduct-for-community-sport

Access to clubhouse

Access is by security card. Contact membership secretary Peter McCaw if you have not received instructions on access and use of the clubhouse.

Court lights and visitor's fees

To help pay the cost of electricity and the not insignificant cost of replacement of globes and electrical gear, we require members to pay $10 per court hour for court lights. Payment should be made in envelopes provided and placed into the money box, just around the corner from the kitchen. Please mark the envelope with a name and date for our records. Please remind other users of the payment system. There is a Google Calendar booking system at http://northbalwyntc.org.au/nbtcfiles/courtcalendar.html or email us if you want to book a court under lights.
Members are entitled to bring a non-member as a visitor up to 12 times in a year. The charge for visitors is $5 per visit and the visitor should be signed in by the club member in the visitor's book and the payment made in an envelope in the money box. Please gently remind anybody who does not seem to be aware of this rule.

Smoke-free children's recreational areas
Under the Tobacco Act 1987 smoking is prohibited within 10 metres of outdoor public children’s sporting venues during organised underage sporting events. This includes training or practice sessions to prepare for an organised underage sporting event, and breaks or intervals during the course of the event, training or practice session.

Your Privacy

Tennis Australia has a Privacy Policy for Australian Tennis Organisations (ATO) to comply with privacy law. The policy describes how personal information is collected, stored, used and disclosed. North Balwyn Tennis Club Inc is an Australian Tennis Organisation as it is an Affiliated Club of Tennis Australia. The Club has adopted the ATO Privacy Policy which can be found at http://www.tennis.com.au/privacy . The Privacy Officer for North Balwyn Tennis Club is the Club Secretary Tony Barton. We value your privacy and we do not pass your contact details on to any other parties except for Tennis Victoria to whom we pass on name and an address for insurance and player registration purposes. If you have any queries on our privacy policy email us at northbalwyntc@gmail.com.au.

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