NBTC has 4 courts under lights and the capacity for 4 competition teams on each night (Mon-Thurs) with each team having two courts. Currently NBTC has twelve teams in Blackburn & District Night Tennis Association (BDNTA).

To be registered in a NBTC team you have to be a financial member of the club. Generally, you organise the composition of the team yourself, but we will endeavour to place individuals in teams where possible.
BDNTA runs two seasons per year, February to June and July to November. The present season, Autumn 2015, for BDNTA started Monday Feb 2. The next season will start in July with team entries in May. If you interested in playing but do not have a team organised ring Rhonda McCaw, Night Tennis Co-ordinator on 9817 2940, or email northbalwyntc@yahoo.com.au and she will endeavour to put you in a team or help you organise a team for next season.

About the competition.......

BDNTA Nights:

Monday Ladies doubles, 9 sections, Open doubles, 4 sections
Tuesday Open doubles, 17 sections
Wednesday Open doubles, 9 sections
Thursday Open doubles, 8 sections , Open singles/doubles, 3 sections.

Cost: Away matches: $7.00 per player Home matches: No charge for NBTC players (ball fees are included in annual subscriptions) $7.00 per opposition player to be collected. A $10 competition fee per team member per season applies and is to be collected by captains. Commences at 7.00 pm and venues generally provide at least one and a half courts. For all home matches NBTC provides two courts. Format for doubles competition: 4 players, each player plays one 6 game set with each of the other players, tie break at 5 all. Matches finish between 9.30 and 10 pm usually, depending on the closeness of the sets and the availability of courts. Supper is generally not provided except Monday ladies (which seems to be quite social). Format for singles/doubles: 3 players, each playing one singles set and two doubles sets.

ONLINE ENTRY When playing at NBTC, captains (or a designated member of the team) will need to enter the results via the web. For teams playing Monday, results must be entered by 3.00 pm, Wednesday,Tuesday, results must be entered by 3.00 pm, Thursday and for teams playing Wednesday, the results must be entered by 3.00 pm Friday and for Thursday, the results must be entered by 3.00 pm, Saturday of the same week. The designated person will be issued with a user name and password. On the night the card will still be filled out to be kept as a back up, with a carbon copy which the opposition will take away.)

If you wish to get more information (for example how far are you likely to travel?) please see the website www.bdnta.com or ring Dom Alberico on 0418 127 447, email: dalberico@iprimus.com.au.
I hope this has been of interest to you and that you may consider putting a team in next season. As I said we have 12 teams entered this season but have the capacity for up to 4 teams per night.

SOCIAL NIGHT TENNIS. Club members are welcome to hire the courts for social night tennis ($10.00 per hour) on Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday nights and Monday to Thursday when courts are free. There is a night tennis booking diary attached to the night tennis noticeboard and bookings must be made in the diary ahead of time.

Rhonda McCaw
Night Tennis Co-ordinator NBTC

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