Court lights and visitor's fees

In order help pay the cost of electricity and the not insignificant cost of replacement of globes and electrical gear, we require members to pay $10 per court hour for court lighting. Bookings for use of the courts at night should be made in the book attached to the night tennisĀ noticeboard. Payment should be made in envelopes provided under the light switches and placed into the money box. Please mark the envelope with a name and date for our records. Please report to the Committee any use of the lights that is not recorded in the booking diary and remind other users of the payment system. We do not want to have to introduce a restrictive system of keys for authorised users only so please do not abuse the system. If you do not have a key to the lights please contact a Committee member or the coaches (or email Tony tonybarts@gmail.com) to find out how to turn the lights on.
Members are entitled to bring non-members as visitors up to 12 times per year. The charge for visitors is $5 per visit and the visitor should be signed in by the club member in the visitor's book and the payment made in an envelope in the money box. Please gently remind anybody who does not seem to be aware of this rule.

Your Committee for 2013

Sunday afternoon Social Tennis

We have no organised social tennis on Sundays at the moment but the Committee will try to get a once per month Sunday program going after the club championships. The last Sunday of the month has been suggested.

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